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Kolkata (Calcutta) is a city in northwest India.
It is one of the largest and poorest cities in the world.
It is the last city in India with man-pulled rickshaws.
During the monsoon season, the rain floods the streets.
Preyrona is the Bengali word for “Inspiration”.

Preyrona II is a one-room school in the Dakhindari slum of Kolkata serving 60 children who range in age from 5 to 16 years. Imagine a crowded slum with large families living in a single room and only one public toilet for the entire community. Stagnant rainwater collects in blocked drainage pipes, which attracts malaria-breeding mosquitoes. Most adults from this slum work in menial jobs — for example, servants, day laborers and rickshaw pullers. Before Preyrona II School was opened in March 2007, children loitered here and there, with no focus in their daily lives. But now they spend several hours a day in a safe and secure environment where they are taught a literacy curriculum and vocational skills. The children receive a nutritious lunch six days a week, often their only meal of the day. In January 2010, eight children from Preyrona II School were given digital cameras to use for an afternoon. They walked through their neighborhood taking photos of friends, families, homes and everything in between. These snapshots provide a unique glimpse into their lives.

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