Lunch Programs


Many parents of slum-dwelling children do not value education due to their own illiteracy. Often a free well-balanced meal is the primary motive for sending their children to school. Empower the Children provides a nutritious lunch to 400 students six days a week. Consequently, these children are healthier, happier, and better able to concentrate. They look forward to school, are seldom absent and request shorter holidays.

  • Benoy Batal Dinesh (BBD) School
  • Nehru Colony Preschool
  • Atmaraksha Preschool
  • Nevidita Preschool
  • Preyrona Schools 1,2, & 3
  • Khamargachi School
  • Dankuni 1, 2, & 3 Tutorial Centers

Benoy Badal Dinesh (BBD) School

Children who attend the BBD School live in plastic-covered hovels alongside a polluted river. Living under such harsh conditions, parents often prefer that their children earn a few rupees — by working or begging — rather than go to school.

BBD School, with its thatched and leaking roof, does not offer any physical comforts. But for hungry children, the free daily lunch provided by Empower the Children serves as a compelling reason to attend school. These hearty and filling meals have greatly improved the students’ overall health and wellbeing.

Nehru Colony Preschool, Atmaraksha Preschool & Nevidita Preschool

Empower the Children sponsors daily lunch programs at three pre-schools because it supports the idea of awakening the joy of learning in very young children. Nehru Colony, Atmaraksha and Nevidita are located in different slums around Kolkata.

Preyrona Schools 1, 2, & 3

In addition to literacy and vocational programs Empower the Children provides nutritious lunches for children ages 5 – 18 at Preyrona Schools 1, 2, & 3.

Khamargachi  School

Khamargachi, known for its rich cultural heritage, now boasts an ETC school of 100 students. BeforeEmpower The Children offered an educational program, children were not encouraged to attend school. The nutritious lunch that ETC provides daily is one of the most effective incentives for parents to enroll their children. Enrollment continues to grow as many more children are taking advantage of both the educational curriculum and the lunch program.

Dankuni 1, 2 & 3 Tutorial Centers

Dankuni Tutorial Centers serve the needs of children who need academic support due to familial illiteracy. Students who are well nourished develop better concentration and  study  habits. With the addition of  Dankuni Tutorial Center 3, the number of children receiving a nutritious meal has increased. Meals are served three times a day to accommodate the children’s schedules.


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