In order to expand its humanitarian outreach, Empower the Children has partnered with other like-minded charities:

  • Project Ahimsa
  • Help India Helpen
  • Indian American Education Foundation (IAEF)
  • Help2Help

Project Ahimsa has initiated a music therapy program at an orthopedic hospital (Rehabilitation Centres for Children) where young patients undergo successive surgical procedures and receive long-time recuperative care. This program helps youngsters cope with pain and provides an outlet for their anxiety.

Project Ahimsa also supports the annual “Celebration of Diversity” event. For online information please visit their home page.

Help India Helpen, a Dutch nonprofit organization, has taken a great interest in the Rehabilitation Centres for Children, a hospital for non-ambulatory children in Kolkata. Through creative fundraising efforts, sufficient money was raised to purchase a new ambulance, anesthesia machine and physical therapy equipment. For online information, please visit their home page.

Indian American Education Foundation (IAEF) is dedicated to elevating the quality of life for Indian children with disabilities. In Kolkata, IAEF supports the “Celebration of Diversity” event, a project that brings disabled and non-disabled children together through music and drama. These performances for mainstream audiences are helping to change social attitudes towards people with disabilities.

IAEF has made generous grants to the Rehabilitation Centres for Children for a new library, musical instruments, a computer center and renovation of their playground. Please visit their home page.

Help2Help, a Dutch nonprofit, supports vocational programs, preschools and non-formal schools in Kolkata. In 2010 funds were raised to replace a dilapidated slum school with a brand-new building. Please visit their home page.

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